Monday, August 31, 2009


It's this week, and my plane leaves Thursday, 9/3.

Obviously, I'm not taking any time this week to deal with new items for Izile's Oddities (though I'm still running the BOGO thing at least until I get back late Monday night.

I've been in a kind of generous mood lately, despite lack of regular funds due to being laid off. So, I'm finally going to do a blog give away.

You have from now, until I get back from Dragon*Con to leave a comment with your email address.

I haven't made up my mind on a single item to be given away, so let's just say that whoever wins (I'll probably do random drawing via some kind of on-line random generator), will receive a nice little package of. . . a variety of stuff from Izile's Oddities.

So, drop those comments and good luck! I'll try and post the update with winner information sometime Tuesday (9/8).


and for the self-mandated etsy plug:

Dragon*Con can only mean searching "dragon," and wooo, you know that's going to be a lot of results! But I'll let you know, right up front, I'm *very* particular about my dragons!

Battleduck Art, Artifacts and Prints has hit on a particularly favored niche of mine regarding dragon art, the dragon fossil! Rick Sardinha describes himself as an established artist who has just recently decided to join the fun of Etsy! So far, he's only listed 3 fossil pieces, no sales as of yet (but just joined July, 2009), and I'm already excited to see what'll be next!

Be sure to read the descriptions as well! A good little bit of back-story behind each fossil discovery!


WillOaks Studio said...

I've been visiting here for I'll bite! yes, that dragon piece is just incredible! Definitely an artist to watch-thanks for the tip.

Kaite Case said...

Kaite Case. -have fun with all the dragons!

Mariah said...

Mariah Haley. I love your work and I hope you have a blast at Dragon*Con!!

KrisF said...

Hope you have a safe trip and a mega fun time!


Nancy said...

Very cool, love the fossil! Have fun on your trip.

Jerri said...

Have a great trip. Love your shop.

Megan Balaban said...

Enjoy your trip! Glad I found your blog address in an Etsy forum post today - love your 'oddities'!!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Count me in!
kimfdim [at!] aol dot com