Sunday, October 4, 2009

DeviantArt Contest

So, every time my DeviantArt page hits another 10,000 views, I do a contest to win a free custom Magic Vial Pendant. All you have to do is watch my profile page (HERE) and when you see the page views count hit 30,000, grab a screen cap! (Currently at 29,521) You can grab a screen cap by pushing keys Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr, then going into any art program (Windows Paint, PSP or Photoshop, any one should work), open a new file and then hit paste.

Be the person to send me the screen cap with 30,000 views and you win your own custom Magic Vial pendant for free! If you're a DA member, you can send it in a Note to me on DA, you can leave it in a comment linking to the picture here, or however else you want to get it to me.

Pictured is one of my latest Magic Vial Pendants, Dark Fire (kind of a fall/halloween theme with orange jelly fire opal and black obsidian glass).


For today's etsy plug, going along with my latest Magic Vial Pendant, I thought I'd look for other orange and black seasonal specials.

It took several pages, but then something jumped out of me and screamed to be featured! Magic Cats!!

Le Chat Noir Studios specializes in OOAK (one of a kind) handmade fantasy and myth inspired art dolls. It was the Futhark Feline, named AmberMoon, (pictured) that was so adamant about being included in my blog today! She's made of beautiful orange patterned fabrics and is covered with Futhark Runes! Very unique and very beautiful!

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