Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Food

Wooo, been a busy week! Though I have put in a new order for empty vials and a new batch of sapphires, rubies and some upgraded peridot. So looking forward to having those shipped in and being able to get back into the swing of things.

This time of year can get so busy, so fast; and it seems it only games momentum from here on until after New Years! I have one day kinda to myself, and I'm really thinking about doing some baking, something autumnal, with spices, or dried fruits or something.

While I google for recipes (largely debating between carrot cupcakes or craisin+orange zest bagel loaf bread) I thought I'd pop on here, update, and see what etsy has


The first thing that really grabbed my attention was Ottawa Cupcakery's Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream. They describe them as, "Our lightly spiced pumpkin cupcakes are topped with a light maple cream cheese buttercream and a sprinkle of spiced shimmer sugar." That does sound delicious!

If pumpkin isn't your thing, or you're still clinging onto summer flavors, she also has strawberry, lemon/lime, and the ubiquitous chocolate cupcakes.

What actually started me off on this was that for several weeks, I've kind of been wandering into various bagel places, and I'm always disappointed, because there's no fruit flavor or sweet bagels (raisin is not a fruit in my opinion, it is a horrible little thing that should just stay away from me). No blueberry bagels, no cranberry bagels, no citrus zest bagels. . (pout). Sadly, even on etsy, no one is making any such bagels. I may well have to stick to making my own (thankfully, bagel making is *REALLY* easy!)

However, etsy did have some other baked goods that kind of filled in the missing niche. Fortune Cookie Cafe has the most divine looking Butterball Cookies. She uses buttery shortbread cookies, dipped in sugar and sandwiches them with an assortment or raspberry jam, triple berry jam, or dark chocolate. Seriously drooling here!

The rest of her shop has a very interesting and unique variety of cookies that includes green tea cookies, biscotti, and cinnamon pumpkin seed brittle.


Hot Rocks said...

Those bakeries sound and look delicious...I ma starving now!

Anna said...

***drool*** I so want one of those pumpkin cupcakes!

Three Fates said...

Yummmm, those Butterball Cookies look divine.