Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ug, just now getting over my first (please last) cold of the season. Seems I've spent this whole month in recovery from one thing or another :-(.

But I come to praise not to bury! (you can please excuse my weird butchered quotings to either medication or fever).

My roommate has just listed her first new item on etsy! Aughra is the wonderful woman responsible for making both my and my friend Bentley's Mad Scientist costumes for Dragon*Con! She's also had several years of making amazing and intricate quilts; and also working on and creating costumes and wardrobe for various off-Broadway plays and musicals, as well as tv shows and movies.

We hope she'll put even more of her fabulous creations online, but today she starts off with this amazingly beautiful purse.

So go to Aughra Moon at etsy, and look at all the lovely detailed photos of this adorable purse, and give her shop a heart so you can follow whatever comes next!

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