Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

So, the parents left on Saturday afternoon, and I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning, organizing and crafting. I was able to update my etsy shop with 10 new Magic Vial Pendants (one of which, the Dragon Claw Willow vial, already sold). But I do finally have two Sakura pendants up, as well as multiple Lilac based pendants, and a couple of new things. The pictured vial is Spiritual Renewal #2 - Iolite, Moonstone and Lilac blossoms in sterling silver.

Looking forward, the Irish Broom is in full bloom, and I'd like to do at least one vial with that. I do need to reorder bulb bottom vials today, as I'm down to my last two - the need to reorder snuck up on me! Also, my roommate found a bottle of Blackberry Fragrance Oil that must have been mine and been misplaced. There's about 1/4th or less of an ounce left in the bottle, but enough that I could make at least one Magic Vial Car Airfreshener with it. Debating whether to go ahead and do that, or see if anyone wants to custom request that scent.


I did make it to Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this weekend before my parents left. It was a lot of fun and Mom and I really enjoyed all the flowers and trees. One thing I liked was seeing all the parasols. I think, quite some time ago, I had tried to blog about parasols and found very few entries on etsy at all. It's nice to see that there's a lot more on there now!

To stay on point, I should really focus on the Asian style paper parasols. I did find a very lovely one on etsy (seen left) in a vibrant red with cherry blossom branches by ARTIntersect. The parasols are custom made, hand painted and you are given the option to change the background color, just incase red's not your favorite hue. She does have one other design of paper parasol in a floral fan theme as well.

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storybeader said...

I'm in love with washi paper - that would be a nice material for an umbrella. Strong. Sounds like you had a good family visit! {:-Deb