Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Whew. I know I haven't been around this week, been a bit busy. Also, I'm trying to finalize the information and payment so I'll be back at Hester Street Fair on July 10th. A Saturday this time!

I'll need to make some more Magic Vial Pendant (which I am woefully behind on. Maybe today I can fix that, I've got some Burn Notice to catch up on, and I can do the basics of wire wrapping and stone breaking mostly in front of a tv.) and since they went over so well, I'll probably make more bath bombs! I did go, on the advice of other vendors that were there last time, pick up some plastic sleeves for my prints. I have a couple left over, so I'm thinking about running into the city and having just a couple more made. Also thinking of doing some smaller 4x6 sized prints. The two I'm considering adding as smaller prints are pictured below.


Well, it's finally getting hot out there. I'm hearing a lot of completely complain, but I won't be one of them! (Even though I do not have a/c). This sun and heat is great for my garden, and as long as I keep up with my SPF, I enjoy the heat.

This weekend I actually had a job, out in the sun for several hours, as I worked the Governor's Island Polo Match. I had never seen polo before, but I love horses and look a lot of lessons when I was younger (hunt seat was always my favorite), so I was excited to get to see some of the

It's funny, because more new things lead to more new things. For example, I searched "polo" on etsy, and look what I found! Whinney Wear, for horses! One of the items she makes the most of are polo wraps for the legs of your horse or pony. Now, my parents could never afford for me to have my own horse, but if I would have, I would have wanted these! Right around the end of the 80's, I was all about bright neon geometric patterns on black backgrounds. (Hey, it was the 80s, I was a child). If you (or your child) are more of a girly-girl (the kind that gets tempted with pink vegetable dye around Halloween hoping to turn your stable pal into a My Little Pony for the night) there's also a pink red and white swirly/paisley heart pattern set. In addition, I find the custom painted fly masks (with cartoon eyes staring at a cartoon fly) a funny piece of work; and she also has some equestrian themed jewelry to boot. For those of you lucky enough to be horse owners, I would highly recommend you take a peek at this shop.

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