Monday, July 5, 2010

Quiet Summer

I know it seems like it, but there's more going on live, I suppose. I'm doing the Hester Street Fair again this SATURDAY (July 10). So, if you live in the NYC area, and you missed me last time, I'll be giving it another go. I admit, I looked at today and had a bit of a groaner-moment. Last time, it rained from like 2pm-6pm, and being an outside market, that kind of killed the foot traffic. So, today I was watering my garden and thinking, "it's been a long time since we had some rain," and sure enough, is predicting "scattered thunderstorms on Saturday." I'm really hoping for much scattering, like, rain over in Brooklyn, or upper Manhattan, or Bronx or Westchester, and nice south Manhattan will be cool and a little cloudy, but no rain.

Again, because I want the most stock possible on Saturday, I'm not listing my new Magic Vial Pendants on my etsy shop until after I've had a chance to try and sell them in person. Also, like last time, I will shut down Izile's Oddities on Friday, just so there's no confusion of two people buying the same piece (one on-line, one in person).


So, I hope everyone had a lovely July 4th, yesterday. We had a small get-together in our back yard with way too much food on the grill; but it was a lot of fun!

Now, today's plug came to my attention in an odd way. I have, in the past, mentioned I have a small addiction problem to collection Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils and other related goodies from their Trading Post. Well, one thing I like about the company is the community, and if you get a 1ml sample (often called "imp's ears") of a perfume oil and don't like it, there's a whole community based around trading and swapping these samples. . a lot like baseball cards for those of you from my parents' generation. Well, I had done a little swap and noticed an etsy address on the business card included with my "imps" and decided to give it a little peek.

So, that round-a-bout way is how I found new seller (as of May 08, 2010!!) Crafty Williows. She hasn't sold anything yet, but has 100% positive feedback as a buyer, and I can at least attest that when it comes to her shipping practices, she packages well, mails quickly and is prompt with communication. Also, her art pieces on her etsy shop are really nifty! It was a hard choice on which piece to put a picture of, but I think her "Crop Circles" necklace is one of my favorites! The copper wire and garnets with the swirling patterns (evoked from an actual crop circle) has a nice, warm almost fiery quality. So far, the majority of her items are in a similar family of wire-wrapped jewelry pieces, though there are one pair of etched stemware. Such a new seller though, I think we are only seeing the beginnings! So, go support new etsy sellers when we see them, and remember, dropping hearts on etsy is free!


storybeader said...

good luck at the fair. I would be worried about the hot weather. Remember to bring plenty to drink!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Have a great time @ the fair...hope the weather holds out for you!!!