Saturday, July 10, 2010


OK, so the Hester Street Fair didn't go so well. To boot, my unemployment finally ran out. . . and my ebay sales just ended pretty darn low. (I just sold a vintage Christian Dior tuxedo for $10.00 - wow). So, that means A SALE!!!

Starting right now, until, I dunno, maybe Friday? At least until Friday, BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF! *ANYTHING* at my etsy shop, Izile's Oddities!

All you have to do, is when you buy your items through etsy, put in the "Comments to seller" blank the word "BOGO." I'll see that, then I'll send you an adjusted sale invoice that you can pay through paypal.

Elfy needs to buy groceries. *sighs*


I actually typed "BOGO sale" into etsy and almost immediately found this absolutely GORGEOUS print by Moonlight Photography! It's called "One Enchanted Evening" and is included in the sellers Summer BOGO sale, where you can get another print for free.

I particularly like the glowing seedpods that remind me of the center of shattered clematis vines like my Mom grows back home. There's also 8 pages of prints, so there's plenty to look through!


CastoCreations said...

Sorry to hear that sales are slow. I think it's like that for lots of folks. What do you think was the reason for the not so good results at the show? Anything you could do in the future to improve or was it just the crowd?

Izile said...

oh, who knows, weatherman had been saying for days it was going to storm and rain all day, but then, it never really quite happened. Also, I know the only train that went to the area was really messed up due to weekend construction. . that and I think having the tent set up so people could watch the World Cup at the fair was a good idea to get people in, but they only seemed to want to buy food and watch the game, and when it was over, they left very quickly. *shrugs* who knows.