Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sale Extension!

Well, got no bites on the BOGO 1/2 off sale, and then I was reminded that there's Christmas In July going on at Etsy, so I have also added the choice, if you don't want 2 items, to just take 25% off the top of any single purchase! Just put "Christmas in July" in the note to sellers field and I'll send an adjusted invoice with the sale price.

I'm in need of new blank canvases. . . I used up my last one last night on this, my first ever acrylic painting, "Ghostly Trees."

There was a heat and air quality advisory here in the city yesterday, so I went and hid in the Natural History Museum. All the earth and space science makes me want to. .. paint? Yeah, not quite sure how that works in my brain either, but I came home and wanted to paint either trees, or a nebula. Well, nebula's watercolor, and I only had the one canvas left, which had been primed in acrylic by my last boyfriend over two years ago, and has sat, untouched, since. So, yeah for me, I painted over the canvas. Today I hung it over my piano. Still want to do a nebula, but will have to wait until I can buy new canvases. Thus, THE SALE!


You can search "christmasinjuly" on etsy and find other artists trying to squeeze a buck out of this limping economy.

and what jumped out at me so quick, so bright, a little on theme with my latest painting. . . MADART! It is a four piece painting, each section of canvas being 8 x 24. The title is "Hot and Cold" and depicts one sprawling abstract tree against four variated backgrounds. MADART's CIJ sale is 50% off of everything in their shop until July 25th. That brings this piece down just under $80, for 4 canvases of high color acrylic painting!

And while this piece was the first to jump out at me, MADART has 3 pages of paintings, all gorgeously painted! There's also a good variety of styles, if you are a fan of less abstract forms, more classical lines, that's covered as well! More trees, and even some very detailed, realistic depictions of animal paintings are right along side with the more abstract and colorful. I highly recommend flipping through to see some great original art at really affordable prices!


FishHawk said...

"Izile's Oddities" has been included in a special edition Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new customers here.

Izile said...

Thank you!