Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumnal Equinox

So, Fall is finally here. Thankfully, I am also finally caught up with all my custom orders. Pictures of all 12 Zodiac charms are up at my DeviantArt gallery. Hopefully, soon, that will translate into more, new Magic Vial Pendants!

In the meantime, my thoughts have really been lingering on food. I'm still waiting on those peppers to ripen, and have been doing some research into maybe how to make them into consumables for etsy. But, more so, after reading this month's Bon Appetit magazine, I'm thinking about mushrooms.

First off, besides being wonderfully tasty and fun to cook with, according to Bon Appetit, mushrooms contain CLAs that help fight cancer. You can read the entire blurb HERE. The magazine also had a lovely wild mushroom risotto recipe from Lidia Bastianich!

So, that's where my head is right now, dreaming of mushroom risotto, seared duck breasts, lamb shanks, and caramel apples.


And, since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (why, as the above article says, you'll be seeing mushrooms in little pink containers), I thought it only right we look to see what Etsy-ers are doing.

The perfect etsy item for this blog to feature today? The Miniature Fairy Art Doll - "No More Tears."

This sculpture by Sandy Copeland has everything! First, it's a fairy, and as a member of Fantasy Artists of Etsy, I'm always happy to see something fae-ish. It's pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, and she's sitting on a mushroom! She's even holding a pink ribbon and has an awareness ribbon necklace to boot!

She has a lot of other fascinating sculptures as well, so definitely worth the browsing!

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Nico Designs said...

This is one artform I wish I could "get". I keep trying and everything just looks so lumpy:)

The pink fairy is gorgeous and what a great cause.