Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, I've been a bit restless as of late. I haven't known what I wanted to create or work on, really. I've had a bit of a window-shopping bug as well, but haven't found much I really like.

Either my google-foo has gotten weak, or there just isn't the variety of independent business on the internet that have much of a magical/fantasy/fae-esque twist to them - except in art and jewelry. I seem to remember there being lots more fantasy inspired clothing designers, bath/body/candle shops, and other things best filed under "miscellany," several years ago.

I want magic in everyday places where I'm not finding it. I want magical socks and fantasy bath products! And, on the bath/body product front, I don't want the same old formulaic, generic churn out you find in the scores. Shops that resale the fake resin fairy sculptures from the 'anyone can be a wholesaler' catalog are no more inspiring and magical than people who go to an online wholesale company and order premade bases for lotions, bath salts, oils, etc., and then just add another prepackaged premixed scent oil to the base.

Also. Adding glitter does not automatically make something "magical" or "in the fantasy genre."

I'm restless. I'll keep looking for whatever it is that I'm not finding, but it is frustrating, because I have the feeling that years ago, there was much more out there. I remember a website that I
used to love to look at called The Faerie Tree that had the most original, unique and beautiful customized parasols. I can barely remember anything about the website or the parasols, but I remember it was beautiful and different and I loved it and I think the internet is a lesser place that it's not there, and apparently hasn't been for years.


Now, how can I possibly plug an etsy shop after that diatribe? Well, today, it's not easy. It seems everything I've been looking for, for myself and for others, is just coming up bust on etsy. (Not finding the kind of Celtic torcs/torques a guy friend has been looking for, nor a similar style leather kidney belt. Have found basically nothing under "scuppernong" at all. And fairiesque lacy parasols are non-existent as well.)

I DID, however, find a shop to add to my favorites list. When in my quest for the still intangible desire for God only knows what, I actually started clicking on almost every single banner ad I came across, and looped and looped around until it landed back on etsy at Dark Fusion Boutique .

Gothy, romantic, whimsical and playful with the occasional nod to steampunk, they really gave me a break from what was becoming weary work. It was a joy to look at their webpage and their esty branch. (Yes, they also have a .com HERE )

I think my favorite piece currently for sale in their etsy shop is this red and black striped halter. They have a lot of variations on this basic garment, however, so if it's not quite your style, definitely look over the shop for different models. And if you just want to look at something to help recharge your aesthetic batteries, visit the website

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