Sunday, October 3, 2010


So, I've been experimenting in my head recently. Not finding what I want (which, I will admit, is made harder by not knowing what I want) has spurred me to try and create something to fill what appears to be a lack. I haven't really been finding much in the way of fantasy/fairy bath products. (Side note, I really can't use bar soaps because of my sensitive skin, so I'm not counting soaps). I've been looking on etsy, googling, and I'm just not finding the particular genre I want. I remember there used to be so many, so maybe the reason there aren't, anymore, is because they're not very popular. Could definitely be the case that the fae arent' as "trendy" as they once were. I found a few shut down, closing, or long abandoned webpages.

So, I present my first knock-up draft - just a photoshop creation at the moment, I'm still pricing ingredients - Fairy Milkmaid bath soak. Please forgive, it's a rough work up, just to get an idea.

"From Faerie" is just a working title for the subset of Izile's Oddities this would be if it happens and works out. I've had another friend suggest "Something Sidhe." Working on that, but I want something to convey that these aren't just going to be your regular products with lots of pink dye and glitter thrown in and a fantasy name
on the product. I've been doing my research and reading up on the Celtic Fae in particular. Reading up on what attracts different fae, what are their habitats, their connections. All the care and research I put into my Magic Vial Pendants, I'm putting into these.

The tiny script reads: "A soothing and moisturizing blend of buttermilk and shea butter infused with marigold and thyme."

In olden times, Irish milkmaids would churn marigold petals in with their butter to help enhance color, and as I have grown and dried organic marigold petals, this is an easy additive for me. The thyme, also organic from my own garden, is a favorite herb of fairies, and is said to help foster fairy magics. That combined with the moisturizing properties of shea butter and the enriching and vitamin packed properties of buttermilk - with just a touch of fizz to the soak - I think would make one heck of a product!

I've already got the rough drafts of 6 products, 3 bath soaks and 3 bath salts.


Now, something that I DID find in the bath n body tag that is totally what I've been looking for. ..
but not -fae- is Pixxxie Pie and Posie. I know, with that name I was expecting high fantasy, too. But instead, am PLEASANTLY surprised to find probably some of the best steampunk bath and body products I've ever seen.

Every detail, from the thoughtful blend of ingredients, the cleaver wording of the listing, the detailed labeling, the beautiful photography. THIS. Just. THIS.

The pictured bottle is of her 4oz bath oil blend. Though, she carries a lot more in the way of perfume oils, she also has salts, bombs, butters, scrubs, and of course, lots and lots of bar soaps.

I highly recommend taking some time to look over her store. It's really quite fun!

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storybeader said...

I like that ether. That will keep unknowing souls out of your goods! lol {:-D