Saturday, October 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

No, I'm not a Bokononist, but I will be this week. So, a short little update now, because my parents will be staying with me for almost a full week, so not much of anything will be getting done.

Went to New York ComicCon yesterday, and aside from just wandering around, basically did NOTHING but hang out at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab booth for literally hours.

I suggest if you're not familiar with the company, you take some time and just look/read their webpage. And if you'd like to see more products, visit their Black Phoenix Trading Post. I has lusciousness in the form of Treatsie Bath Oil, Sagardoa Soap, and other goodies!


and because I refuse to break my streak of plugging etsy sellers:

Well, if you were a BPAL addict like me, you would probably need a place to put all your bottles and samples and loot and swag and such.

Now, there are some beautiful, immaculate boxes, hand carved, inlaid wood patterns, amazing real craftsmanship for a few hundred dollars. However, those who might read my blog on occasion know I try and keep things, usually, a little more frugal. So I will be looking at catches my eye under $50.00.

Small Note: just in case any etsy box makers see this. Please remember to take at least one picture of the inside of your box. It matters.

Tims Green Thumb is the first shop that absolutely made me sit up and pay attention. I love the contrast and interest in his Handcrafted Recycled Wood Box (pictured.) It's made out of redwood and is still under $50, even after the shipping and handling! You can tell it's made of thick, good pieces of wood, and I love the contrast in the different colors of wood.

His shop is full of all variations of colors and styles of boxes. Beautiful workmanship and very reasonable prices! Great places to keep "the precious." :-)

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Betty said...

Wow! They are beautiful! Wish I had such talent!

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