Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ahh, so life can now begin to get back into its rhythm. My family that was visiting left, and I had a lot of fun with some new friends at ZombieCon last night. Once I get the ol' bedroom cleaned up, I can start thinking about artsy stuff again.


in the meantime, as there's still time before Halloween, some zombies from etsy.

I'm going to preface this by saying there are some amazing and very graphic zombie creations on etsy that I will not be featuring because I'm just not in the mood to try and handle that level of graphic rot and gore. If you like that, I recommend the zombie taxidermy heads. However, it's too early in the morning and my stomach is still unhappy from the zombie chicken wings at the Bawl last night.

It would seem like a crime to not feature Undead Ed and his shop on this theme. His pieces are still graphic and gory and very bloody. . . but they're toys. I was always a My Little Pony girl, so that's what I'm showing here. Other favorites in his 6 page shop of horrors include zombified
Care Bears, ninjas, baby dolls and rubber duckies.

And for those who prefer their zombies a little on the cute and cleaner side, Licorice Wits would be my recommendation. This
store displays impossibly cute hand painted wooden kokeshi dolls with a heavy leaning towards zombies and mummies. I liked the zombie nerd boy, pictured left.

And last for my feature, when one is joining a zombie horde, the question always is, "What to Wear?"! While I'm still wondering how much red tempera paint will wash out of blue jeans, you could buy designated zombie wear from Morose Melonhead . Her shop has pages of clothes that are cute, fun, pretty and even sometimes a little punky, creepy and of course, zombie. My favorite of her zombie inspired pieces is pictured here, but the style of her shop is eclectic enough that I think you really need to browse yourself to see.

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