Saturday, October 23, 2010


It's creeping ever closer. Just right at a week (depending, of course, on when you read this). I admit it's been a busy fall, and I feel I've been slack on my blogging and DeviantArt updating and my etsy shop hasn't had a good restocking in quite a while. I do hope to be addressing that this weekend, if not tonight.

Last I updated on my own projects, I was working on the From Faerie (still not thrilled with that) bath product line. My first batch, the Fairy Milkmaid bath soak should be just about cured by now, but I still need to test it. Ah, I fear I've got a watercolor temperament going on as of late, but all my projects are calling for oil painting patience. Maybe I should bust out the watercolors, literally, to give me a fast paced project. Or, really, I just just make some more, new, Magic Vial pendants for fall and winter.


But yes! Halloween, where were we? Wow, the things you find on etsy when you search "Halloween" maybe I should revise it to something a bit more obscure. Ah, "all hallows eve" gives you a much narrower lot to search through.

22 pages ranging from cute and sweet to gorey and spooky, fun and comedic to serious practitioner supplies. It's a good mix!

The one piece that caught my eye, and I guess I'm still a bit in my silhouette phase, is this beautiful Full Moon pendant by Crystal Bouquet. Her shop specializes in these glass tile pendants, and has several pages of variety, from classic movie stills to more graphic pieces like this, and even more styled or "cartoon" images. It's a beautiful selection and definitely worth browsing through

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