Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back and Updating

Holidays are over, hope everyone had a good one and a great New Years Eve! Back in NYC and I'm slowly getting things back in order. Izile's Oddities is open again at etsy, and I've updated the DeviantArt page as well. Just refreshed all my entrecard advertising, and here I am a-blogging-away.

I'll have to get my own life in shape with banking and groceries and all that before I can start putting new things up on etsy, but they are coming. I've even picked out a new scanner/printer so I can finally launch that "From Faerie" (tentatively named) bath line. I was happy with the results of the Fairy Milkmaid Bath Soak I had mixed up and let cure for a good month or so. So all I need to do is top it off and make a label and my first prototype will be up on etsy. It won't be this week, or probably the next, but they are coming!


But, otherwise, back to plugging random etsy-ers!

Well, we had our Western New Year, but the Chinese New Year isn't until February, and it will be the year of the White Metal Rabbit! Let us hope the rabbit is kinder than the tiger was.

Most unique and awesome result for searching "white metal rabbit?" Awesome hat/mask made by Kristin Costa. This sculptural piece is one of a kind from her own "Alice in Wonderland" themed runway. Gorgeous piece, wish there were more photos.

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