Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Even MORE Snow!

OK, I admit, I'm a little frustrated. I haven't been able to get to my herb garden in so long, I'm wondering if it's even still alive under all that snow. I've uploaded a picture from last week - it's worse now! See those tiny little sprigs over by the fence on the right? That's the tops of my 4 year old rosemary busy.

Makes it hard to make more vials when a lot of my component options are out in that. I did, after the first snow go out and attempt to take a shovel to a snow bank to get to my thyme - and failed.

So, in the
meantime, I look at what can be done with what I have. I have added two more, reformulated (yet again) Lollipop Hair Sticks (seen left). These are a bit bigger/thicker than the last few I made, but they also should be able to stand up to more. Of course, this also means that they're a bit heavier than the last ones, which means they would be best for thicker/longer hair. They still aren't as big as the one I made for myself (these are roughly 2" round), but they aren't the tiny delicate things I tried last time, either.

I continue to work on the "From Faerie" line of bath products, though, as they require curing time, the snow could possibly melt before I've got another one through testing and curing and ready to go on etsy.


Frankly, I'm about ready for January to DIAF. So, that's the theme today, I'm searching for FIRE.

The first thing I found today that caught my attention is "Fire Mountain Cocoa" from Good 4 You, a provider of "herb love." The Fire Mountain Cocoa is all organic and fair trade blended hot chocolate with guarana, sweet cinnamon, vanilla bean and cayenne pepper. Sounds like a good way to fight off the cold and snow to me! The rest of the shop is a 5 page plethora of herbal teas, salves, baths, balms and syrups.

And, if you're snowed in and are fond of crochet or knitting, there's always keeping your hands warm with some lovely, fire colored, handspun, and hand painted, merino wool yarn from Chimera Fibers. There's plenty of other color options available at her shop, and if you aren't much for doing the yarn works yourself, there's also a good bit of needle felted sculpture.


Pink said...

I feel like there should be a joke about lost thyme here... lol but when the snow melts many of the herbs will fight back, the rosemary will be just fine!

Izile said...

Thanks, Pink, I sure hope so. I lost my 2.5 year old thyme bush last winter because it accidentally had a snow man built on top of it by a roommate. It was just buried too long. The only other thing I'm NOT worried about is the chocolate mint. That thing is indestructible. Once it gets too chilly to run around on top, I think it burrows down to the center of the earth where it spreads its tendrils out like the great tentacles of Cthulhu.

storybeader said...

a few more weeks, and you'll be out in the garden! {:-D

Armored Hearts said...

I've purchased several items from Good 4 U tea. Pure Bliss Chai is my favorite, I saw this cocoa mix when she first listed it... I love Jess' products. They are wonderful!