Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese New Year!

OK, so I already -kinda- had a post about Chinese New Year, but it wasn't really about it and Chinese New Year is now just over a week away! (Thursday, February 3rd, day after Groundhogs Day - oh please may that fuzzy little bastard not see his shadow.)

So, 2011 on the Chinese lunar calendar marks the beginning of the year of the White Metal Rabbit. So, the Rabbit is the 4th sign of the Chinese zodiac and is considered very lucky. You would be a Rabbit if your birthday falls during the lunar years of 1999 (earth), 1987 (fire), 1975 (wood), 1963 (water), 1951 (metal), 1940 (earth), and so on, subtracting 12 years each time. I admit, I understand the 12 year cycle of the zodiac animals, and I understand the cycles of the 5 Eastern element, but why the rabbit is white, specifically, I have no idea. Would love to hear from anyone who has that information!

Me, I'm really looking forward to going to my first Chinatown celebration and see the parades and maybe go eat some dumplings and such. It's my 4th year here in NYC, and I just never seemed to get there; but this time, I'm planning ahead!


Now, I'm not sure how much new there will be under "white metal rabbit" on etsy, as I did that search just at the beginning of January, and it tends to come up with a lot of Alice in Wonderland jewelry, mostly. So, I think I'll do a more generic "Chinese zodiac" search.

And wow, right off the bat I found a beautiful print for any of you out there who might be "rabbits" in this sense. Nicole Kristiana Studios has some very unique, beautiful and colorful prints, not the least of which is her 2011 "Year of the Rabbit." It's a lovely 13"x19" print of her mixed media original.

Her prints and originals make up a 5 page shop full of bright colors, swirling patterns, playful lines and shapes, and a lovely sense of whimsy. As I looked through all 5 pages, I even noticed an option to get select prints on tote bags, and that this particular bunny comes in a few colors choices, even black and white.


storybeader said...

I'm not a rabbit, but the one you found was quite beautiful. Glad your search found you some. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Izile said...

oh, I'm not a rabbit, either. I'm a sheep/goat. :-)