Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow!

So, they say there's another snow storm headed for NYC late tonight and early tomorrow morning. I wasn't here for the last one, so I'm not quite as put-out and over-done about it as a lot of people are. However, it does mean getting to my garden is going to be even more difficult, not that trying to dig the herbs out from under the snowbanks worked, anyway.

I do admit, since I've already stated it elsewhere, that I've been a bit under the pink. I wouldn't say I was really ill, as it doesn't seem constant, though it seems persistent. I'm not exactly sure what has been slowing me down, but I'm hoping a new batch of vitamins and a freshly restocked fruit/veg supply might help fix whatever is putting me off-kilter.


Now how I'm supposed to type that little tidbit of a blog post to a search theme for etsy is a bit too much of a stretch for me.

So, I'll just be random. I'm missing flowers. I think the snow is pretty, I like it, it's better than just cold and wet; but I do miss green and spring and flowers. It is amazing the difference a single flower can have on someone's day or mood.

Obviously, because of my personal craft, I do a lot of research and study regarding the meanings of not just herbs and trees, but flowers as well. It's something I think that's been too forgotten in our modern society.

Kind of reminds me of that scene from Kate & Leopold where Hugh Jackman's character is complaining about a bouquet of modern flowers and the conflicting messages being sent. Of
course, now I'm just rambling.

Just as a note - you might want to be careful with carnations, a few colors of them have rather negative connotations (yellow means rejection, striped means refusal or just "no") and an orange lily just plain means I don't like you! Roses are always safe, unless you happen to find a green one, which apparently means "I am from Mars." I did not know that. I also did not know that 11 red + 1 yellow (roses) = love and passion. Again, rambling. Am I ever going to get to the feature?

Of course, I'm not, but, if YOU wanted to declare yourself as a Martian, I think this would a brilliant way to do it. Lisa Burkin of Island Girl Designs on etsy is a maker of jewelry from real flowers suspended perpetually at full bloom by use of resins. Her lemon and lime green rose hair piece would definitely count as a lovely way to declare your Martian blood. If, like me, you're not a Martian, or you don't want to come out of the Martian-closet just yet, she also has many other lovely colors of roses and orchids (which are also pretty darn safe in the flower meaning department. No "I wish you a painful dismemberment" orchids exist, so it seems.) I'm sure my brother's wife will be glad to hear that, as she's the orchid girl.

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storybeader said...

hope you're feeling better. My diagnosis? Winter. Cure: go out and buy a houseplant that flowers. You'll feel much better! {:-D