Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Faerie

So last night I finally finished the first prototype of my experimental "From Faerie" bath product line. The Fairy Milkmaid bath soak, a blend of buttermilk with shea butter with a slight fizzing effect blended with marigold petals and a sprig of thyme, is now for sale at Izile's Oddities!

I also blended up another experimental prototype for the same line today, but it will take some time to "cure" and then test before I upload it to the shop. Since some ingredients have proved harder to find locally and expensive to order online, I went with the "Urisk" theme next. Urisk is basically the Scottish variant of a satyr, but a good bit nicer/kinder than the more familiar Greek incarnation. "Urisk" is also blended to be more unisex/male-friendly. It's a blend
of Epsom Salts for soothing sore muscles and other body aches with buttermilk (could not get the powdered goat milk I wanted just yet, so we'll test the theory with the buttermilk powder I already own) for moisturizing and extra vitamin benefits. The scent additive (and why it needs time to cure) is because of the large chunk of red cedar wood in the middle of the bottle. "Urisk" is currently aging in a 10.5 oz glass milk jar, in contrast to the "Fairy Milkmaid" being in a full 16oz one. Plus, as there's significantly less buttermilk in the "Urisk" blend and Epsom Salts are much cheaper than shea butter, I'm expecting its experimental cost to be about $4.00 when launched.

We shall see.


I've covered a lot of great bath and body companies on etsy on this blog, so I'm reaching a past the boundaries of the US and plugging a great shop out of Australia.

Sage and Mage out of Melbourne has a varied and eclectic variety in their shop, and I love their attitude towards "making the mundane magical. . ." They have jewelry, aromatherapy, perfumes, home goods, herbs and oils, but since today I'm thinking about bath, I thought I'd plug their great Gold and Sunlight Bath Milk. A lovely blend of full cream powdered milk, and fizzing mixture of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid as well as essential oils of orange, tangerine, vanilla and cinnamon leaf, and obviously, 24 carat gold flake. How lux! Bring on the sun to this long winter.

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