Saturday, January 15, 2011


OK, so the internet has been overly rife with all sorts of stuff over the zodiac hullabaloo.

At first, I tried my best just to ignore it, then I realized, oh wait, I do sell custom Zodiac "Magic Vial Pendants" on a semi-regular basis. So regardless of personal opinions, this might pertain to the Izile's Oddities part of my life. So, I posted a poll on my DeviantArt page to see, what, if any, difference this might make to my customer base. Feel free to go over and vote and/or drop a comment.

I was surprised at how many vehement and almost ranting comments were left under the poll. I voiced no opinion (nor shall I), personally; I simply asked, if making a custom zodiac request, how would this news affect your decisions. Seems like it's not going to make much difference to
my customer base, so I'm not bothered.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, THIS is a link to my favorite horoscope site.


Some people feel very strongly about their zodiac (as I found out this week) and that's probably why, if you do a search on etsy for "zodiac" you get over 5,000 entries. Though, I admit, I don't keep zodiac pendants in stock because there's such diversity, even with the base 12, not mentioning the gemstone and herbal preferences of the individual, or the slight differences in focus depending if they were born early, central or late to that sign, the odds of pre-making one that would be "right" for hardly anyone is just too high. So, they remain custom order items only - and glad to do one for anyone!

My first feature is a little bit above my normal price-range cap, but Garnet Girl Designs had to be featured! Largely, because a couple of years ago, I had this idea for a kind of constellation jewelry, but I never could afford the equipment and materials to really learn/use PMC+ (precious metal clay). It's not the same, she uses real sterling silver and diamonds, but it's close enough that I wanted to plug Garnet Girl's constellation jewelry! Here I have pictured her Virgo necklace (though all zodiac constellations plus the Big Dipper and Orion are available in necklace
or ring form - even noted one in 14K gold and one in Argentium silver)

The rest of her shop is filled with pages of exceedingly profession, cut gemstone, precious metal jewelry. 14 pages and some amazing stuff! Definitely worth the browse!

Now, moving back south of the $100 mark . . . and even back under the $50 mark (which is my usual "loose" price cap for plugs) . . .

Julie Nolan Jewelry also had a similar idea, but in brass cuff bracelets with holes removed for the star positions. Pictured here is the cuff bracelet for Leo. The cuffs are all apparently 7", so be aware if your wrists run either particularly large or small. If the cuff isn't your style, she also has another style of bracelet featuring a flat oval disk on a band, as well as pendant pieces. And while the constellation jewelry does seem to make up just a bit over half of her 5 page stock, there are some very interesting other pieces worth looking at, and some good nature-themes, too.

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storybeader said...

oh yes, I lost my zodiac sign. I'm no longer a climber, a goat, a Capricorn. Don't know if I like that or not...