Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dekalb Market

OK, I've got a bit of a sinus infection, so I'm shutting down Izile's Oddities on etsy a day early to have more time to prep for the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn this Saturday (Dec 10th!) I will be there as a guest, sharing space with Dark Side Customs! If you live in the NYC area, come check out the Dekalb Market and come say hi to me and my buddy, Bobby! Had to come home early from work yesterday, and had an extremely rough and broken night of sleep. If I can get myself feeling just a bit better, since it is sunny out (though, damn, still 40's all day), I'll try and get to the Post Office to mail things that have already been purchased. I started popping zicam at the first sniffle, and have been diligent with it, the hot tea w/honey, and lots of comfort food. I'm already feeling much better this morning than I did yesterday - but I'm still a giant mucus-head with what feels like a brick inside my ear. Thanks for understanding, and please be patient.


Now the question is what kind of etsy shop to you plug after that? I wonder if there's any home remedy sellers on etsy. . .

Well, I did find over 200 entries under "sinus relief" go look at that! Of course, the issue with these things is by the time they're shipped to you, you're better - so better to buy ahead, especially if you always get a sinus infections (I get at least one a year, damn chronic sinusitis). Because, right now, I would love to have something that would open me up. Last night I tried rubbing a bit of LUSH's Wiccy bar under my nose - not a thing, could not smell at all.

I think I'd be a fan of the bath teas, personally. My experience with oils is that they just don't work for very long. I even looked up some stuff on homeopathic "raindrop" treatments that said to put pure peppermint oil on your tongue then rub it into the roof of your mouth. It worked for like 10 seconds, and made me drool more than any adult should.

Clean JellyBean looks like my pick today. I know they don't look like much - but they're tea bags, it's what's inside that matters. You get 2 4oz bath for $5.00 that contain Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Elder Flowers, Willow Bark, Juniper and Fennel to help you breathe again!

Other than the tea baths, she does have some very pretty bar soaps -which I normally don't review because I can't really use bar soaps due to skin sensitivity issues - but she has a lot of variety and they are very pretty!


storybeader said...

have a nice time at the market. And I hope you sinus crud leave you quickly. ugh - {:-D

ArtSings1946 said...

Well I've always been a firm believer in (don't laugh) home made chicken soup made with chicken bones. In fact I believe the old remedies are coming back and they work better than the crap you can buy in the store. I have to tell you we have been using some Edgar Cacey's remedies and they are worked like fabulous. Anyway, sorry to hear about your sinus ... and the weather ... we still have our air conditioning on here in Florida. And, yes, I long to move back to New York.

Happiness and Abundance to All !

PS Found you via our faeteam on etsy.