Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's now the 19th, (at least where I am) so here we go.

I normally avoid all political discussion whatsoever; but since the broad and imprecise language of these proposals leave room to effect websites such as Etsy and Deviantart, I will make the tiniest of notes. I support all those sites (like Etsy) who oppose these propositions. Instead of getting on any kind of soap box, or anything of that nature, I will simply say to go read the bill yourself. Educate yourselves. Forewarned is forearmed.

All bills are up in entirety for public reading at . You can read SOPA HERE.

And that's all I'll say.


For my plug today, to show how much I support Etsy, not just as the hosting sight for Izile's Oddities and a thousand other wonderful online stories run by independent artists, I thought I'd plug an etsy article directly.

This is an adorable edition. I absolutely want to do this! Though, I think I'll try making my own pots out of super sculpy to save money. It's January, a long time before I can even start to think about planting indoor seeds for my garden. We haven't even had our snows yet, and I've had dreams of what to plant this year. This may be the best way to scratch that itch indoors. I especially would like to see about how I might get a little miniature/dwarf thyme for a tiny pot. The stuff looks ridiculously minuscule when ever you see it, I think it might work perfectly! But first, I've got to play with sculpy to make little pots.

(side: I admit, I'm also tempted to look for old beat up doll furniture to make a tiny little stacked tables plant stand like they talked about HERE in a ReadyMade article - since I was never able to find the full sized table to make a bookshelf like that in my room)

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