Thursday, January 12, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

I haven't had a chance yet to do my yearly research on what the year of the Water Dragon is supposed to bring us, but I hope it's good! The year of the Metal Rabbit had a lot of promise, but it got off to a very rough start. In some ways, it has stayed rough all year round.

At least I just came back from my local P.O. to find they had resolved one of my shipping issues. So, my Unseelie and Stardust bath salts have now been correctly marked as shipping for $6.00, instead of $8.00 with the understanding that I would refund the difference once the package was shipped. (I never liked that, but I got bit a few times with a P.O. that didn't seem to want to offer parcel post under any circumstances).

I know I'm terribly behind on making new Magic Vial pendants, but it just seems I'm having to juggle a lot of extra hats to keep financially afloat at the moment. I am very thankful to my friends, though, who are throwing me these little jobs and bones here and there.


But enough of that! The year of the Water Dragon is coming!

There's only about 12 pages of items that come up when you search "water dragon," and a friend of mine who actually owns a pet water dragon lizard would be disappointed to know not many of those entries would have anything to do with her scaly baby.

I think my favorite is this fantasy print from Fantasy Paintings by Allen Song. The sweet look on the lady's face as she gently pets the baby dragon. They way he's painted the light and the slightly muted but still rich color pallet. It's a beautiful piece! We can only hope that the year before us will be as peaceful and serene as the setting in this painting.

The rest of Mr. Song's shop is a small collection of very affordable prints (Baby Dragon is $5.00), and even some large scale original paintings, priced accordingly. His acrylic work (the originals) does have a very different feel from the Illustrator digital art he creates for his prints (as seen here). A small but interesting collection, and worth a peek for sure!

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