Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Specials

So, it's been kind of groggy and I made some special goodies for Valentine's day for Izile's Oddities. In my last post, I talked about the new Magic Vial pendants I had made around various interpretations of the love theme. But after that, I made a new From Faerie offering as well. I have a single full sized 16 oz glass milk jar, and a single dose sample size (in a cute little red chiffon baggie with red ribbon): Leanan Sidhe bath fizzies!

I had talked before on this blog, though so far back I don't quite remember, about the bad rap the Leanan Sidhe get in modern interpretations, as just another form of succubus or vampire; but that's not really accurate, I feel. The Leanan Sidhe do feed on the life and love of their chosen partner, but in exchange for miraculous inspiration and divine insight. Not only that, but the Leanan Sidhe can also be made the submissive partner, if a man is strong enough to resist her charms, she will be beholden to him, much like selkies once a man captures their pelt. So, to emphasize the softer, more romantic side of the Leanan Sidhe, I made a series of heart shaped bath fizzies. Just

pop 2-3 speckled pink hearts into your bath water, and watch them fizz away with rose oil and rose petals! I even topped it off with a bright pink ribbon, over the usual From Faerie labeling.
And on the other side, you can see the sample size dose, for those who have to watch their pocket books just a wee bit more carefully.

Like most "From Faerie" editions, these are rather one of a kind creations. If response is good, I will find a way to make more.


As I've mentioned before, not a lot comes up on etsy when you search for "leanan sidhe" or "sidhe" at all, (or even "unseelie" in the past). What does get a fair number of hits though, that's somewhat related is "rose fairy." Now that gives me something to look through!

And out of the blue pops Fizzy Claret! The floral fairy houses are some of the cutest, most eye-catching, original and fun pieces I've seen pop up on my etsy list in a while! They are each handmade out of polymer clay and finished in acrylic paint, and almost all seem to be less than 2" tall! They are excellently executed and so crisply done! It was very hard to pick a favorite to display, so I went with a themed set. ADORABLE!!

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