Friday, February 24, 2012

Someone's in the Kitchen

That's where I spent a lot of time today. Made 2lbs of wings and a great batch of homemade butterscotch pudding. I always liked the cook and serve Jell-O butterscotch pudding until I used Gale Gand's recipe from her Butter Sugar Flour Eggs book. She's right, real butterscotch tastes almost nothing like the artificially flavored stuff you buy in a box; and ever since I tried her homemade version, I need the real thing. The smokey character, the way the flavor almost seems to morph in your mouth from first bite to last bite. For those of you who cook, try it sometime, you'll be a convert!


Well, I love to cook, and I do actually own a very snazzy apron I love to wear when cooking that I plugged here and bought from Dianne Designer Aprons; but I have a rule about plugging new people in ever post, and I just found this new shop that also does aprons, but with a bit of a twist.

Haute Mess Threads showed up on my Facebook wall just the other day, due to my nerdy friendship with several Star Wars obsessives enthusiasts. Yes, that design looks a little familiar, doesn't it? And yes, there's a more golden companion piece in her shop, too. And a darth black apron in the same theme. Now, if you're not so much into Sci-Fi, there's also Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland, and even a Harry Potter Gryffindor uniform inspired apron. If you're less geek in your chic, there are plenty of playful and retro designs as well.


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