Saturday, March 31, 2012


Just a quick reminder! It's almost 11 a.m. where I am right now, and that means that my ONE DAY APRIL FOOLS SALE starts in 13 hours.

For 24 hours (midnight of April 1st, EST - midnight of April 2nd, EST) EVERYTHING at Izile's Oddities on ETSY will be up for my big sale! Buy 1 get 1 1/2 off, OR Buy 2 get 1 FREE!!

All you have to do is make your selection and purchase through etsy like normal, but DO NOT PAY YET. Send a "Message to Seller" that says "APRIL FOOLS!" On Monday morning, I will

send out adjusted invoices through paypal with the sale prices. Then you pay, and I ship ASAP!!

Today, I'm plugging Pure Bath & Beauty from etsy, largely because all this yard work and cooking and working on stuff for my shop has left my really sore from foot to fingertip, and there's nothing like a good bath when you're body is "to' up from the flo' up" as they used to say. (Though, honestly, I get the impression, now all grown up, that that phrase was not originally intended to apply to people who were worn out from hard work)

ANYWAY, she has 4 pages of beautiful bath and body products. All hand crafted with no chemicals or fillers; and she also notes she uses a lower water content than a lot of other body products, to give a more "pure" end product.

What caught my attention was her bubble bars, especially the ones with a somewhat herbaceous theme (basil mint, lemongrass sage ...). Pictured here is her Tropical Vacation variation.

However, I think since I'm having a sale, I should point out that she has also reduced a certain selection of items in price. In her own words: "I am giving my lotions a make over so until I use up all the body butter tubs my lotion is on sale! these sell for $7.00 and are on sale now for 4.20 each."
The Green Tea Cucumber one sounds amazing, if you ask me!

Definitely the right time to go browse.

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West Wind Creations said...

Thanks so much for the plug! Great blog I will be sure to share this every where for your sale as well!