Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Update!

1st of August seems as good as time as any to give an update.  All the sales from my previous blog post are still going on, they will end August 26th.  After that (not sure at what point) some of the items may go to take a spin at a brick and mortar shop in Manhattan that has carried some of my stuff in the past.  They get a real rush before Halloween, so some pieces that survive the sale may go there.  Also, the Custom Vial Pendant Sale currently has 3 slots left.  Then it's over, whenever they're filled.

I also have a giant crate full of tiles I'm still trying to figure out what to do with.  I have a lot of ideas, but the tiles are very varied, and most of them are glazed, though the terracotta and darker ones aren't.  We shall see. . we shall see. . .


There's a huge amount of variety and supply when it comes to tile crafts already on etsy.  A lot of people are recycling old tiles, some are making their own from scratch (but, damn, the ones that look like the back of a surinam toad just creep/gross me out so bad.  I swear, I can't look at those things or anything that even resembles them without getting full body shuddering heeby-geeby creepy willies!!)

But for people who are making them from scratch, I like the decorative pieces of Earth Song Tiles.

 The Celtic knotwork and themes definitely give her an extra + in my book, to boot.  And while it was her cat tile that caught my attention, I think my favorite is this mermaid and seal combo (or is it a selkie? ah-ha!).  Her collection is small, but well varied with knot work pieces for borders, feature tiles and crowns with animals, fairies, and other Celtic symbols, like the Claddagh and the Thistle.

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