Friday, September 14, 2012


This quickie blog post is almost no blog and all plug today.

See, for years and years, back since livejournal days, I found through various friends this amazing lady on LJ who made ridiculously great costumes, lots of fairy and elvish stuff, too.  Every few years, I seem to stumble upon her website, drool over all the gorgeousness.  Not long ago, through another completely random friend, I found her new Facebook, and immediately started following.  Then, this morning, I saw an update (she's now working on fantasy jewelry, too) that included a link to an etsy shop!

She created her etsy shop a week ago.  YAY!!!!  It's mostly just the fantasy jewelry right now with a few pairs of her awesome costume wings - but also make sure to check out her .com after you've looked over her etsy shop.  She's still around after all this time for good reason!

Firefly Path, by JoEllen aka Lillyxandra, welcome to etsy and I hope you blow a whole new level of customers away with your awesome!

Oh, and the piece from this morning that caught my attention and lead back to the new etsy shop?  Her Autumnal Equinox necklace, GORGEOUS!

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