Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2013, and I hope it's already looking up for you!  I admit, so far so good, and I hope it is a portent of things to come.  It's Jan 2nd, and I've already had my first etsy sale and today I've got a day of temp work.  Granted, it's not the regular day-job I need to pay my bills, but a few days here and there is a lot better than none at all!

Had a good Holiday, myself, back in the South.  Got a couple of things I've been wanting/needing for Izile's Oddities.  For one, found a couple of good jewelry display boxes for the spring craft markets I hope to attend - they just need a bit of paint, really, and a new glass insert in the lid of one.  But at $0.99 each, hey! I can afford to do some restoration work!  A new small batch of smaller canvas boards are also on the horizon (thanks to a local art shop's after xmas sale!) 8 x 8s and 12 x 12s.  Smaller, more affordable and easier to ship paintings - and man do I have some ideas for some new paintings! (excited!) I also got from my Mom a small, long-handled cast iron ladle with pour spout - or, a crucible to melt down my scrap silver!  Lots of hope for 2013!


Now, I am currently at a temp spot, and for some odd reason, the computer won't display (I get the header banner and that's it.  Can click on links but all links are header + blank.  Odd).  So, I'm having to draw from the etsy artists I follow on Facebook (yup, that works fine, see, odd) for my blog plug today!

Providence! I load up my Pages Feed and the very top story is Perfect!

Lithia's Creations had just uploaded a picture of her "bullet necklaces."  I'm sorry I can't give you more information about the manner in which she makes these, but they are awesome looking!  I love the details on (I'm assuming old bullet casings) and the combination of beads and charms to add more whimsy and style.  With these, and a nice collection of cameos (I've seen the skeleton cameos on etsy before, but not the rose ones, I think they're some of my favorites!) it could make a nice nod to the Steampunk and Victoriana trends without going for the over-obvious gears + anything route.

Scrolling down, I'm finding even more bullet necklaces, some using natural quartz crystal points instead of beads - oh I like those!  And some very nice decorative flasks!  I am going to look over her stuff more thoroughly when I get home and can get on etsy - and I suggest you do the same!  Or, at least go like her FB page!

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