Friday, March 15, 2013

It's the Ides again!

Alright, fair warning, I'm in a bit of an odd mood this morning.  I've been working on the From Faerie bath line, mailing out samples of body scrubs to some of my "test monkeys" to better fine tune the product.  I've also just revamped an original that needs no testing.  Hopefully I'll finish the label and have the first one up on etsy this weekend.  Returning to my favorite, Fairy Milkmaid Bath Soak.  However, will have to rename it, as this batch has no thyme and no marigold petals (garden is still in torpor); instead it's got half a whole vanilla bean in there, slowly infusing away into the buttermilk, shea butter and super fine salts for a super-lux, moisturizing, and vitamin rich bath.

I also need to work on more jewelry, I did just list up the earrings that will be for April's Birthstone Sale (I couldn't afford to do real diamond jewelry, so I'm using White Topaz instead.)  Reminder, or for those of you who might have missed it, every month Izile's Oddities puts items made with the birthstone of that month on sale, 20% off.  Currently, in March, the aquamarine Snow Princess ring sold quickly, but there's still a Magic Vial Pendant made with aquamarines marked down for the next 2 weeks.  Then, in April, the pictured earrings will be marked down 20% - and, I'm pacing waiting for a small packet of *tiiiny* raw real diamonds to show up for one April diamond Magic Vial Pendant, as well.

Oh, and for those of you who don't follow my FB fan page (though you should) I've decided that when I hit 300 likes on FB, I'm going to do another little giveaway.  This time, the winner will get their choice of OOAK Miniature Fairy Treasure Chests, complete with surprise "treasure" inside!  (Pictures on my FB page HERE )


OK, as for the weird mood.  (Just been persistent ever since I got sick a couple of weeks ago.  I'm mostly OK, just still a lingering cough and this weird energy drain.  Though, that could also be because I cut out caffeine while I was sick).

I've been on a "snackies" kick.  But, it's easy to get bored or not find what you want - but not know how to really articulate what that might be.  So, I'm on this new beta-test of this website, where they mail you at regular intervals little snack boxes with a mix of about 4 different mixes of healthy munchies randomly selected from your list of approved snacks for $5.  It's neat, and I'm digging it, but some of the things they make, I'd just like to keep a big ol' bag of in the house all the time, and good luck with that.

So I've been poking through to see what snackies might be available on etsy.  Healthy Treat - dried fruit and fruit jerky has some interesting products that are well off the path of plain, boring, apple chips.  For example, these dried pineapples glazed with honey and coconut.  And, no preservatives and no sugar-coated non-sense!  One of my favorite snack combos so far from Graze is the pina colada mix which is plain dried mango, pineapple and large flaked coconut.  Finding dried pineapple without a crunchy sugar glaze (ick) and rice big flakes of coconut aren't the easiest things to find.  This is almost half-way there!

 There's also other fruits glazed with other fruits; like slices of mango with raspberry puree swirled on top, or pineapple with strawberry.  There's also a huge selection of homemade fruit leathers, even available in brightly colored mixes and patterns!

And now I've made myself hungry and lunch isn't until 2.  crap.  DAMN THE CURSED IDES OF MARCH! (because going all morning snackless is just as bad as being stabbed to death by your Senate)

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