Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas - Happy Yule - and Glad Tidings All Around!

'Tis the season . . . to not have enough time to go around.  Am I right? (heh)

I just wanted to post a little notice that Izile's Oddities will be closing its doors for the holidays starting late tomorrow (12/17), as I prepare to go home for the holidays.  Purchases made today or tomorrow will go out Wednesday, and then I'm gone-baby-gone!  It's been a very busy fall/winter, and I'm looking forward to some Southern sun in my winter.

I also wanted to say I just celebrated my 500th sale on etsy, the lucky customer got the cost of the item totally refunded, so all she paid was S&H!  Thanks to everyone who's been with me and Izile's Oddities through all the crazy ups and downs this hobby of mine has had!


Completely unrelated, except for the fact that I'm still trying to plug a new artist every time I actually get around to posting, I thought I'd share something that just popped up on my etsy feeds this week:

Sunny Skies Studio was featured in a Frozen Fantasy treasury on etsy, and the piece at left caught my eye.  I always love ear jewelry that doesn't require any piercings (as I have none), and this one is delicate and perfect for the season.

Of course, I then went on to browse the other 9 pages of pieces featured on this etsy shop, and was quite happy to see some very original and different takes on the ear-cuff theme.  And while I normally prefer sterling silver, or which there are many pieces, I admit this other brass piece has a lovely style that I think would be great for the Ren-Faire season.

And before I forget to mention, yes, there, are some regular earrings, ear pins, and even some rings and a couple of necklaces.  Definitely worth the time to browse and see.


Mystic Vagabond said...

Wow, congrats on your 500th sale! That's awesome.

jewelry for men said...

Congratulation Izile's Oddities, Thats really a great news.