Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wherefore art thou Geek?

I picked the title, because I get sick and tired of the commercial on tv thinking that "wherefore" actually means "where" and not "why". "Wherefore" means WHY. WHY ARE YOU, not WHERE are you. Gah! OK. Word-grubber vent over.

So, a friend of mine had taken this quiz, and being a sucker, I had to take this one. No, this is a shop blog, and it's not going to become a quiz farm. One time exception.

82% Geek

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets


PLUS, this makes a great segue into one of my favorite categories on Etsy. I do love the geek tag!

Now, I cannot possibly feature every single geek-chic item and seller that makes me LOL. But, here are some of my top picks!

Topping off the list with the most luxurious geeky line is Molecular Muse. We've all long seen the t-shirts with the molecular structure of caffeine; but Molecular Muse takes it a couple of steps further, first by offering it as sterling silver jewelry, and secondly, by offering custom words and phrases spelled out in amino acid. Wow. Now that's a GEEK! (all complementary here).

I have to admit, there's not much in her shop that I wouldn't covet, though the lack of superfluous holes in my head render the most affordable of her items (earrings) as no more a possibility for me than the several hundred dollar bracelet shown left.

Now for something completely different: Munchey's T-shirts. Now, he's got a wide variety of slogan tees here that range from groaners to almost witty. My favorite, and the reason he had to be included in this blog today, is the Klingon insult t-shirt.

It means "Your Mother has a Smooth Forehead." Yeah. That tickles the geek button in all the right ways right there. If you're more a fan of the groaner style. I'd suggest checking out his "You Got Rick-Rolled" t-shirt; and no, that's not what the shirt actually says.

Before hitting my last pick, I would like to say I am purposefully omitting any WoW and gamer items as a punishment to my friends back in Mississippi who can no longer carry on a conversation without mentioning Gorestag. I love some RPG, but if you can't go 10 minutes without it being brought up into the conversation, that's a bit of a failing, I believe. Diversify your geekdom!

Made By Paddy is getting the last plug because of his super-awesome wallets. I'm including the photo of his "Fat Man Plan" wallet, which is a schematic of the "Fat Man" atomic bomb. However, my favorite wallet is probably the "Bunker" wallet. You'll have to go visit his store and look it up. The outside has plans for a 1959 US fallout shelter. The inside contains a similar issuing from the UK government in the 1980's. Go look. I very nearly did myself a mischief.

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