Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So, I've been taking my day off to restock the stores again. *whew* More new vials, more new herbal experiments, more new oil blends.

Hopefully soon, I'll be getting my promotional postcards back from print and get to have them on display at my day job.

I've actually tried to wear one of my necklaces into the shop every time I work. I've gotten a lot of people just stop me and ask me about where I got my necklace. I even had one nice man visiting for Norway buy "Ocean" right off my neck. :-) Made me a very happy little elf-smith.

I've had some coworkers even suggest me getting a table at FaerieCon, but I just couldn't get enough stock together to fill a table, let alone be able to AFFORD a table. Hehe, I haven't even managed to do that for a local street fair yet. Goals, goals, goals. That, and maybe get enough stock together to go check out some metaphysical bookstores and see if they'd be interested in wholesale.

Other than that, I'm checking out a new source for rough/raw gemstones that, well, right now, it seems too good to be true. However, if it turns out legitimate; that means that it won't be so costly for me to supply precious gems like sapphires and rubies to people.


Another odd plug tonight. She IS an Etsy-seller, I just can't find her Etsy shop. She mentions it on her DeviantArt gallery, and is a member of EtsySellers group on DA, but I can't find a link. Still, her stuff is the perfect blend of skill, humor and geekiness.

Her gallery on DeviantArt is under the name SOMK. What caught my attention was, today, while updating my own DA gallery, she had uploaded three new pieces of Sterling Silver jewelry to her "Lovecraft Collection." Yup. It is what it sounds like.

This one has got to be my favorite: "Run." And yes, that is a shoggoth.


ORi said...

Beautiful work! congrats (I sent you a note on DA) I hope your shop gets bigger and bigger, I'm sure you'll have sucsess ^_^
Luv your vials.

Carapace said...

Thanks for pointing out that Lovecraft collection. And yay! for more of your work coming along.

Sage Moonstone said...

I love your work, I think it's so uniquely magickal!

Are you nervous about just walking into the New Age Shops and seeing if they'd like to pick up your stuff?? I've been thinking of doing something similar, but I haven't got up the nerve yet!! If you do it.. let me know how things go!